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PURO Q10 Ubiquinol Kaneka 30 Caps

Puro Ubiquinol, Japanese active Q10 form Kaneka QH, the best absorbable form Q10 available worldwide!

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PURO Q10 Ubiquinol
Active Q10 form Kaneka QH ™
The new Q10 of Puro contains the Kaneka CoQ10 Ubiquinol. This is the highest quality Q10 in the world. Since 1977, Kaneka has produced the natural Q1010-fermented natural yeast. This form is bio-identical to CoQ10 in the body. Kaneka has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing, safety and clinical studies, which has provided unprecedented quality. This Q10 of Puro is even better absorbed by the body.
Ubiquinol occurs in all mammalian cells, tissues and organs. It is the reduced form of Co-Q10. Coenzyme Q10 can exist in two different forms, fully oxidized (Ubiquinone) and fully reduced (Ubiquinol).
Ubiquinol plays a crucial role in the transfer of electrons into the cell division and is essential for cellular energy. In addition, Ubiquinol is an antioxidant that protects against free radicals.
This product
- is the most active form of Q10
- is best absorbed
- has a higher bioavailability
- gives cellular energy

Composition per capsule
Ubiquinol Q10 (Kaneka QH ™) 100.0 mg

Ubiquinol Q10 (Kaneka QH ™), ​​HPCM capsule (vegetarian capsule)
This capsule has no fillers, so the capsule is half full!

Use and dosage
Daily 1 capsule, preferably in the morning, take a lot of water at the meal. Recommended daily doses do not exceed unless recommended otherwise.

PURO Q10 Ubiquinol is a patented form of Kaneka QH ™. This nutritional supplement is guaranteed free of sugar, yeast, sucrose, lactose, gluten, soy protein, non-natural preservatives and synthetic color, flavor and flavorings.

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