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PURO Detox 60 Caps

PURO Detox


PURO Detox is an orthomolecular nutritional supplement that promotes internal cleansing of the body.


Internal Cleansing

With our modern, Western lifestyle organs such as the intestines, liver and kidneys are burdened relatively heavily. By using certain unhealthy food the intestinal flora can become unbalanced, to which the body can react adversely. Good health is therefore supported and improved by internal cleansing of intestines, kidneys and liver.


PURO Detox:

There can be many reasons to cleanse the digestive system: when drinking alcohol, with weight loss, when stressed, before using probiotics and, before or after a trip.


PURO Detox works detoxifying, supports to balance the organsy and has a positive effect on body and mind. We therefore recommend to cleanse the entire digestive system at least once a year to detoxify the body.


PURO Detox is a balanced cleansing product for intestines, liver and kidneys. It is 100% vegetable and produced on the basis of a responsible cultivation of natural resources.

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This product supports:


Bowel cleansing:

Copper cholorophyll

Bowel cleansing

Birch leaf herb

Blood purifier

Aloe Vera herb

Protects the intestinal tissue

Horsetail herb

Good for acid-base balance

Fennel seed

Supports digestion

Plum extract

Good for intestinal transit


Good for a smooth testinal wall

Spanish Oregano-extract

Increases the body resistance of the intestinal flora

Pau d’Arco-extract  

Helps to strengthen the intestinal flora



Liver cleansing:



Artichoke herb

Good for the liver

Dandelion herb

Has a positive effect on liver and gall bladder

Milk thistle herb

Support liver/gall flushing


Supports cleansing of the liver


Kidney cleansing:

Meadowsweet herb  helps in absorbubg moisture from the intestines      


Cat’s clawextract   support the proper bladder function



Cleansing of other internal systems:

Nettle herb             

Stimulates internal cleansing


Good for proper moisture balance

Viola tricolor herb

Blood purifier

Green tea herb

Supports the gall flushing


One  V-cap contains:

Copper chlorophyll

    5 mg

Aloe Vera herb

  10 mg

Nettle Herb

  25 mg

Goldenrod Herb

  25 mg

Viola tricolor herb

  25 mg

Birch Leaf Herb

  25 mg

Meadowsweet Herb

  25 mg

Artichoke Herb

  25 mg

Fennel Seed

  25 mg

Plum Extract

  25 mg

Green tea herb

  25 mg


  25 mg

Dandelion Herb

  50 mg

Milk Thistle Herb

 100 mg

Turmeric Spice

 100 mg

Pau D'Arco Extract

 100 mg

Spanish Oregano extract

 100 mg

Cat's claw extract

 100 mg



Copper chlorophyll, aloe vera, nettle, goldenrod, viola tricolor, birch, horsetail, meadowsweet, artichoke, fennel spice, plum extract, green tea extract, bentonite, dandelion, milk thistle, turmeric, pau d'arco extract, Spanish oregano extract, cat's Claw-


Free of:

                        Lactose                        Preservatives

Colorants                    Fragrances

Flavorings                   Gluten



Contains            60 capsules - 31 grams nett.
Contains         180 capsules - 93 grams nett.



Dosage as 10-day treatment: 3 times daily 2 capsules intake with a lot of water after meals.

Dosage as 30-day treatment: 3 times daily 2 capsules intake with  a lot of water after meals.


For everyone

It is recommended to cleanse the body at least 1x per year.

A clean body promotes the absorption of all the nutrients, the body gives therefore more energy and helps with fatigue.


When using Detox the following rules must be observed:


Drink at least 2 liters of water per day
Do not use sugar, so no candy, cookies, etc.
Do not eat red meat
Be moderate alcohol
Do not drink/use milk or other dairy products (cheese, yogurt)

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