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PURO Q10 100mg Supreme 90 Caps

PURO Q10 Supreme is an orthomolecular nutritional supplement that as a powerful antioxidant is essential for energy production.


Energy production

Q10 is a natural substance produced by the body itself. When it was discovered in 1957 scientists called it "ubiquinone", because ubiquinone is occurring everywhere in nature. The co-enzyme plays a role in the energy production of the cells. It helps enzymes (hence the word co-enzyme) in the making of ATP, a substance which is stored in the body (chemical) energy.

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PURO Q10 Supreme:

When the ability of the body to create Q10 decreases (often when one gets older) there may be a shortage of this co-enzyme. One then becomes tired more quickly, vitality and resistance of the body begin to decrease.


A food supplement containing co-enzyme Q10 can replenish these shortages, so that the energy in the body gets back to normal. Besides this PURO co-enzyme Q10  product contains a complex of B vitamins and lecithin. This combination of nutrients ensures that PURO Q10 Supreme is one of the most effective co-enzyme Q10 preparations on the market.


This product:

protects against aging

-         serves to protect against free radicals

-         is essential for energy production

-         improves the condition of the gums

-         is good for blood pressure

-         increases the resistance of the organism

-         maintains the normal blood pressure


One V-caps contains:


Co-enzym Q10 / Ubidecarenone

100 mg


Silicium Dioxide

4 mg



140 mg




Daily intake 1 capsule preferably in the morning during breakfast (with a glass of water).

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose unless otherwise advised by your doctor.

Store, dry at room temperature and keep out of reach of (young) children,



Co-enzym Q10, silicium dioxide (E551) en Cellulose


Free of:

          Lactose                                      Preservatives         Flavors

          Colouring additives                     Fragrances             Gluten



Contains  30 capsules 

Contains  90 capsules


Additional information:

·         This product can be used by vegetarians

Please consult a doctor before using this product when you use medications.

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