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PURO Magnesium + B6 60 Caps

PURO Magnesium 400 + B6


PURO Magnesium 400 + B6 is a food supplement that contributes to relax muscles, to a proper cardiac function and to a balanced mind..


Magnesium is one of the most important minerals in the body. It is involved in more than 300 enzymatic processes, especially in the protein metabolism. Magnesium is also needed for the energy metabolism of the body, the transmission of nerve impulses and the proper functioning of muscles. Further, magnesium gives firmness to the skeleton, and it is necessary for the build-up of, i.e. the muscles. Magnesium is required for the activation of hundreds of processes in the body, of which vitamin b6 plays a role in the most of the processes.


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Magnesium deficiency

Magnesium is limited in the diet, so the risk of magnesium deficiency really exists in many cases. Persons with a  long-term magnesium deficiency may experience symptoms such as muscle tension, reduced heart function, irritability, nervousness and (night), muscle cramps.


Nocturnal cramps

Nocturnal cramps are sudden attacks of involuntary and uncontrolled painful muscle contractions. These cramps occur mostly during the night and can last several seconds or even minutes. About 30% of the population have been affected. Even 3% of the population suffers of these cramps even daily!

On average women are more likely to suffer from nighttime cramps than men. The higher the age, the more risk of nocturnal muscle cramps. Pregnant women are an exception to this, they have more nocturnal muscle cramps compared to the rest of the population (6x or more).. This is because a change in the balance of salts and minerals may cause a magnesium deficiency. After giving birth, the symptoms disappear again just.


Relaxed muscles

Magnesium has the opposite effect on the muscle to that of calcium. Calcium is responsible for the contraction of the muscles, while magnesium is responsible for relaxing the muscles. Magnesium acts as a stimulant of nerve cells in the muscles and regulates the contraction and relaxation of the muscle itself, as well as the proper functioning of the central nervous system which controls the muscles.


Heart function

Magnesium also has a beneficial effect on the cholesterol metabolism and thus the quality of the blood vessels.


In addition, magnesium is essential for the stimulation of impules  and the impulse transfer in the heart and the intensity of the muscle contractions which are in the vessel walls.


Magnesium deficiency can therefore manifest itself in higher) blood pressure, decreased heart function and unwanted contractions of blood vessels, which may eventually result in a reduced heart function




Magnesium is also called the anti-stress mineral. Magnesium is a vital nutrient for brains. Magnesium increases resistance to stress, mental pressure, tension

and prevents mental fatigue.  Magnesium also strengthens the memory, concentration and therefore learning.


PURO Magnesium 400 + B6

Not only strong bones and flexible joints but also relaxed muscles are associated with the musculoskeletal system. PURO Magnesium 400 + B6 is a balanced formula that helps to relax the muscles. PURO Magnesium 400 + B6 also plays an important role in the energy supply to the muscles and is also important for heart and blood vessels. Even in stressful situations PURO Magnesium 400 + B6 helps the mind to relax in stressful situations.


Composition per 3 capsules

Magnesium (citrate Anhydrous) 2100 mg essential                400 mg

B6 (Pyridoxine HCL)                                                                         2 mg



In case of maintenance three capsules per day are recommended. Intake 1 capsule preferably before or during each meal. To prevent nighttime muscle cramps 3 capsules one hour before bedtime (with a glass of water).

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose unless otherwide advised. In case of  illness or medication, consult your doctor before use.


Lifestyle advice

In acute symptoms a physiotherapist can prevent and train tense muscles by giving exercises in order to create and maintain flexible muscles.


A physiotherapist can also prevent the tension in the muscles by massaging. .

Often a dietitian or nutritional therapist will recommend in which nutrients magnesium and vitamin B6 occur in optimal amounts.


It is also wise to drink plenty of water, as a shortage of moisture can cause tense muscles and muscle cramps.




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Use PURO Magnesium 400 + B6 for relaxed muscles, a good heart function and a balanced mind. PURO products only contain active nutrients which are easily absored by the body. They do not contain unnecessary fillers.

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