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PURO Lacto Pro Powder 60 gr

PURO Lacto Pro is an orthomoleculair probiotic that promotes a healthy intestinal flora and is good for normal intestinal function.


The intestine(flora), probiotics and natural stool:

Our intestines contain about 11 million bacteria spread over about 400 species. This is in terms of weight equivalent to approximately 1.5 kg. These bacteria usually live in good harmony with each other and with the host, the human being.

As in every community is the case, there are also less good bacteria in the intestinal flora. However, these are - when the intestinal flora is in balance - held in check by the favorable species.

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From time to time the condition of the intestinal flora is tested by unhealthy eating habits (preservatives, bad fats, sweets), use of certain medications, stress and tension.


A result may be a less good balance between positive and negative bacteria. This may have a negative impact on the resistance of the intestinal flora, the quality of the skin, and can thus change the bowel movement in terms of regularity and smoothness.


Your intestinal flora isin a good condition when your stool is consistent and firm, and evenly brown. One "stool" is usually about 10 cm long and has a round top and a tip at the end. It should not stink which is usually caused by meat that is not properly digested. A normal bowel movement is at least once a day, preferably twice a day, including once in the morning.


PURO Lacto Pro:

PURO Lacto Pro is a probiotic that supports the bacterial flora in your intestines. It contains millions of beneficial bacteria that help to restore harmony and balance in the intestines. These beneficial bacteria also support the production of lactic acid. This is important because a slightly acidic 'environment in the bowels causes the beneficial bacteria to multiply.


The unfavorable bacteria are less resistant to an acid environment. By support of the beneficial lactic acid-producing intestinal bacteria the resistance of the intestinal flora increases and when the condition of the intestine improves, it often improves the quality of the skin too. Also a good intestinal flora contributes to normalizing the stool.

It promotes not only the intestines but also helps to soften the stool and makei t regular.


This product:

•   protects the intestinal lining

•   is good for normal intestinal function

•   improves  the natural metabolism

•   helps in absorbing moisture from the intestines

•   provides soft bowel contents

•   supports the intestinal passage

•   promotes internal cleansing



1 to 2 times daily dissolve one measuring spoon in a glass of warm water (± 30 °) and drink it after about 15 minutes. Drink it preferably at bedtime or in the morning on an empty stomach and in the standing position. The maximum dose is 4 measuring spoons per day.


Do not exceed the recommended dose unless advised otherwise by your doctor. Keep out of reach of (young) children.

This is a food supplement and not a substitute for a healthy diet.


PURO Lacto Pro is easy to use:

1. it is easy to dose (measuring spoon enclosed)

2. it is relatively inexpensive

3. provides a strong and broad spectrum

4. stimulates bacteria growth

5. has a long shelf life (even outside fridge)



Bacterial strains, starch, enzymes, saccharides, minerals, fructo-oligosaccharides.


PURO Lacto Pro contains the bacterial strains:

·         Bifidobacterium infantis                  ·         Bifidobacterium lactis

·         Bifidobacterium longum                 ·         Enterococcus feacium

·         Lactobacillus acidophilus               ·         Lactobacillus casei

·         Lactobacillus plantarum                 ·         Lactobacillus salivarius

·         Lactococcus lactis


Free of:

             colorings                              preservatives

fragrances                            flavourings



Contains 60 grams nett.

Contains  150 grams nett.

Contains   60 capsules - 60 grams nett.


Additional information

This product can be used by vegetarians

·           When using medicine, do consult a doctor before using this product. 

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