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PURO Gentle C 100 Caps

PURO Gentle C is an orthomolecular food supplement - a buffered and non-acidic form of vitamin C - with excellent bioavailability.



Eating quality food is the most common way to consume nutrients. For some people, nutritional supplements in capsule form are an easy and effective way to diet supplement.

The bio-availability of nutrients determines the degree to which a substance administered its place of action or use in the body.


Bioavailability is therefore the indicator of the efficiency of the supply:  how much of the consumed substance is actually used for its intended purpose.


Calcium Ascorbate:

In PURO Gentle C the vitamin C component is tightly linked to calcium, which makes absorption better in comparison to  a vitamin C supplement on the basis of ascorbic acid.

Because vitamin C is absorbed more effectively it will also decrease urinary excretion and less unused vitamin C will be lost.

In short, calcium ascorbate, also known as ester-C, stands out compared to ascorbic acid by a higher bioavailablility.

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This product:

supports the natural immune system

keeps the arteries clean
contributes to maintaining good blood pressure
used for fatigue
improves the condition of the gums
contributes to the maintenance of healthy joints
used in anorexia
Supports the heart
contributes to maintaining strong bones



One teaspoon approximately contains:



Vitamin C (as calcium ascorbate)                       1260 mg                       2100 %









1 teaspoon (approx. 1200 mg) per day preferably in the morning at breakfast (with a glass of water).

Do not exceed the recommended dosage unless otherwise advised by your doctor.

Dry store at room temperature and keep out of  (young) children’s reach.

This is a food supplement and no subsitute for a balanced and varied diet.

Before using consult a specialist in case of illness, pregnancy, lactation or the use of medication.



Vitamin C (as calcium ascorbate)


Free of:

            Lactose                                             Preservatives

            Colouring additives                                    Fragrances

            Flavours                                           Gluten



Additional information:

            This product is suitable for vegetarians

When taking medicines, always consult a doctor first before using the supplement

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