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PURO Pau d'arco Supreme 60 Caps

Every healthy human being has candida albans in the intestine by nature,  this refers to a yeast that in a small quantity, has a conversion function in the intestinal flora.

Due to a weak immune system, this yeast can transform itself in an unbalanced intestinal flora - with excessive consumption of sugars, refined carbohydrates and alcohol - into  a dangerous fungus.

This fungus can proliferate under the above conditions in the digestive tract, reaching the bloodstream and is thus spread throughout the body.

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This process is called candidiasis or fungal infection identified by the following symptoms such as general fatigue, fluctuations in blood sugar, bad breath, and various gastrointestinal symptoms such as gas, bloating and constipation.

The problems caused by candidiasis reveal themselves externally in the form of fungal vaginal infection, red swollen mucous membrane, mold in the skin folds in the groin and between the toes with a possibility of fungal nails. In order to recognize either candida or fungus in the body, itching of feet is a good indication of fungus between the toes and lime nails.


To treat and prevent this disease with natural medication such as als PURO Pau’darco supreme it is very important to take dietary remedies to suppress the candida infection.  Especially sugary foods and refined carbohydrates (starches) such as cake, candy, gingerbread, soft drinks, pastries, sweet spreads, white bread, white rice and white pasta products are very harmful. Beer and alcoholic beverages are not recommended either, except for a single glass of red wine.


All yeast-containing products are strongly discouraged as, mushrooms, mold cheeses and fried peanuts. All sweet dairy products such as milk and cheese should be avoided too.

One V-capsule contains:


Zinc Citrate

14 mg


Nicotinamide (Niacinamide)

25 mg


Extr. Oregano 30% Carvacrol

40 mg



40 mg


Extr. Grapefruitseed 45%

40 mg


Herb absinth / wormwood

40 mg


Sodium Caprylate

200 mg


Pau d’Arco

200 mg


Silicon dioxide

20 mg




Dosage 3 times daily , preferably to be taken during mails (with a glass of water). Do not exceed the recommended dose unless otherwise advised by your doctor.

Dry store at room temperature and keep out of  (young) children’s reach.

This is a food supplement and no subsitute for a balanced and varied diet.



Zinc citrate, Nicotinamide (Niacinamide), Extr. Oregano 30% Carvacrol, herb Propolis, extr. Grapefruitseed 45%, herb absinth/ wormwood, sodium caprylate, herb Pau d’Arco, Silicon dioxide.


Does not contain:

          Lactose                                      Preservatives

          Colouring additives                     Fragrances

          Flavours                                     Gluten



          Contains 60 capsules


Additional information:

          This product is suitable for vegetarians

When using medicines, always consult a doctor first before using the supplement

Do not use during pregnancy

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