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PURO Magnesium Calcium Zinc 90 Caps

PURO Magnesium Calcium Zinc


PURO Magnesium Calcium  significantly contributes to maintaining strong bones.



Bones have the function of supporting the body structures, protecting the internal organs and making movements possible (with muscles).


Bones are involved in the formation of new blood cells. New blood cells are created in the bone marrow that is located at the bones. They also play a role in calcium metabolism and they serve as a mineral storage.

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PURO Magnesium Calcium Zinc:

PURO Magnesium Calcium Zinc contains the special substance ‘hydroxy-apatite’.  This is a complex salt containing calcium as a principal component, and whose structure is similar to that of the human bone tissue. Therefore this calcium source has an excellent bioavailability.



Magnesium is an important mineral for the bones, and it plays - in particular,  a role in the adhesion of certain cells to the bones. Also, for the support of the muscle during or after the sport. This supplement  is extremely suitable as it contains enough magnesium.



Zinc  plays many important roles in the body, such as, for example, in processes in the skin and the immune system. The need for zinc is somewhat higher in men than in women, because zinc also plays a specific role in support of the prostate.


PURO Magnesium Calcium Zinc is often used by men in addition to the use of a multi-vitamin supplement.


This product:

helps to maintain strong bones

ensures proper bone formation

used when higher level of calcium is needed

is good for the calcium balance




One V-cap contains:





Magnesium (as citrate)                                     

232,5 mg


Calcium (as calcium hydroxy-apatite)                 

  62,5 mg


Zinc (as zinkgluconate)   12,8%                          

  29,3 mg



125,7 mg




1 Capsule per day intake preferably in the morning at breakfast (with a glass of water).

Do not exceed the recommended dosage unless otherwise advised by your doctor.

Dry store at room temperature and keep out of  (young) children’s reach.

This is a food supplement and no subsitute for a balanced and varied diet.


Free of:

            Lactose                                             Preservatives

            Colouring additives                                    Fragrances

            Flavours                                           Gluten



Contain  30 capsules 

Contain  90 capsules 


Additional information:

            This product is suitable for vegetarians

When taking medicines, always consult a doctor first before using the supplement


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