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PURO Mineral 90 Caps



Minerals and vitamins have more similarities than differences. In the body are both indispensable in many processes. The main difference between vitamins and minerals is a chemical difference. Vitamins come from living nature and can be made by certain plants or animals themselves, while minerals come from dead nature and should be absorbed from food or water..


Minerals and trace elements, like vitamins, substances which cannot be created by  the body itself. They are needed in the regulation of enzymes and hormones. The difference between minerals and trace elements is the quantity the body needs. A person needs more minerals than trace elements.

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PURO Mineral:

PURO Mineral is one of the most absorbable mineral complexes on the market. In combination with other nutrients, it provides an excellent synergy. The minerals are characterized by a special bio-availability, thus supporting many body functions and help to obtain and maintain an optimal health.


This product:

contributes to a proper moisture balance
helps maintain a good iron levels in the blood
helps to protect against free radicals


One V-cap contains:


Vitamins:                                                                                   %RDD

Vitamin D3                                                                              1 µg         20 %       





Calcium (as amino acid chelate)

70 mg

9 %

Magnesium (as amino acid chelate)

40 mg

13 %

Iron (as amino acid chelate)

0,5 mg

4 %

Copper (as amino acid chelate)

0,05 mg

7 %

Zinc (as amino acid chelate)

1,1 mg

7 %

Manganese (as amino acid chelate)

0,4 mg

8 %


5 µg  


Chromium (as amino acid chelate)

5 µg  

4 %


48 mg  

2 %


25 µg   



2,5 mg  



0,2 mg   





Bioactive (herbal) components:



Kelp herb (Laminaria hyperborea)

37 mg


Dandelion herb (Taraxacum officinale)

25 mg


Glutamic acid

50 mg




1 capsule per day, intake preferably morning at breakfast (with a glass of water). Do not exceed the recommended dose, unless otherwise advised by your doctor wise. Keep dry, store at room temperature, keep out of reach of (young) children.

This is a food supplement and not a substitute for a varied diet.



Vitamins, minerals, kelp herb dandelion herb, glutamic acid.


Free of:

            Lactose                                             Preservatives

            Colouring additives                                    Fragrances

            Flavours                                           Gluten



Contains  30 capsules - 28,7 grams nett.

Contains  90 capsules - 86,3 grams nett.


Additional information:

This product can be used by vegetarians.

Very suitable for older people who usually do not get enough minerals in their diet.


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