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PURO Okinawa Seacoral Minerals 180 Caps

Puro Okinawa minerals, one of the better absorbable mineral products!

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What are sea coral minerals?
This unique mineral is purified as pure coral (porous powder) and comes from the island of Okinawa in Japan. Sea coral Minerals from Okinawa work desperately because it is an alkaline nutritional supplement. It contains more than 73 different essential minerals and trace elements.
These pure and rich coral minerals, with the ideal ratio of 2: 1 to Calcium and Magnesium. The porous, fine structure of the powder is therefore also optimum absorbable for the body. The calcium compound fills the deficiencies of minerals and trace elements.
The bioavailability (absorption) of this product is very high, but within 30 minutes 80% is recorded. Therefore, this mineral is not comparable to other standard minerals.
The coral mineral comes from Okinawa (Japan) and is tested for each production because of its origin and is 100% safe.

This product
- works alkaline / acidifying
- Suitable for young and old
- Support of enzymes
- provides ideal support for the bones
- has a higher bioavailability

Composition per capsule% ADH
Sea Coral Minerals

Equal to:
Magnesium 500.0 mg

100 mg
50 mg


Active Sea Coral Minerals from Okinawa Japan, contains over 73 ionic minerals. HPMC capsule (vegetarian capsule).

Use and dosage
Take 1 to 3 times daily 2 capsules, preferably for the meal with plenty of water. The capsules may also be opened and dissolved in water. Do not exceed recommended daily doses unless otherwise advised.

PURO Seed Coral Minerals is a nutritional supplement guaranteed free of sugar, yeast, sucrose, lactose, gluten, soy protein, non-natural preservatives and synthetic color, flavor and flavor. This product is tested for every production and is 100% safe.

Contents of 60 capsules
Contents of 180 capsules

Other information
- In case of pregnancy, lactation, illness or medication use a doctor
for use
- This product is suitable for vegetarians
- Store dry and keep at room temperature
- Keep out of reach of (young) children

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