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PURO Sucrosomial Magnesium 90 Caps

Best absorbable magnesium with patented scientific studies supported arguably better than the best so far! This newly developed Sucrosomial magnesium source provides the best recording in the gastrointestinal tract. The magnesium can through this new patented technology undisturbed through the digestive tract back and comes directly through the small intestine wall in the blood. As a result, arguably 20% higher recording than Magnesium citrate. Scientific studies have also shown that this has even more elemental magnesium Sucrosomial Magnesium than magnesium Biglycinaat.

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Sucrosomial ® magnesium: ï ' · Delivers more than 32% Mg of elemental magnesium. ï ' · Has 20% higher absorption than Magnesium citrate. ï ' · Is better tolerated than all other species. ï ' · Is any time of day. ï ' · Does not interact with other nutrients. ï ' · Are pure encapsulated in Vega-caps, without taste or other unnatural (fill) substances. Sucrosomial ® technology: technical background for this form of magnesium is the so-called developed Sucrosomial ® technology (patented) â € œingekapseldâ € where the active mineral is between two layers of phospholipids (sunflower oil and sucrose esters of fatty acids). This two-tier membrane is similar to the cell membrane and improves the absorption while at the same time protects the nutrients. This allows the nutrients intact through the digestive tract, they react not with the lining and they can directly through the small intestine wall blood flow in.

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