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PURO Optima Forma 50+ 30 Caps

PURO Optima Forma 50+ is an orthomolecular nutritional supplement, an added vitamin and mineral enriched formula. Improves the function of memory, contributes to normal energy metabolism, ensures proper functioning of the nervous system and helps with fatigue.

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Use 1 capsule per day, preferably in the morning at breakfast to take with water. Do not exceed the recommended dose, unless otherwise advised. V-caps PURO gecapsuleerd products contain only active substances and no fillers. The capsules that are used are so-called V-caps, made from vegetable cellulose. The quality of the raw materials fits perfectly with our goal to make products suitable for addition to an optimal healthy lifestyle. Free of lactose preservatives dyes fragrances flavorings Gluten packaging

Contents of capsules 30 and 90 capsules.

Other information - This product is suitable for vegetarians - In case of pregnancy, lactation, illness or medication consult a doctor for use -

Allergy Advice: Contains soy, corn and fish.


Each contains V-caps: vitamins * RDA vitamin A 151 ug vitamin B1 3 mg vitamin B2 3 mg Niacin (B3) 15 mg Pantothenic acid (B5) 10 mg vitamin B6 10 mg vitamin B12 50 ug Vitamin C 40 mg vitamin D3 2.5 mcg vitamin E 31 mg folate 200 ug biotin 15 ug Minerals Calcium 30 mg Magnesium 40 mg Iron 2 mg Buyer 0.3 mg Manganese 1.3 mg Potassium 15 mg Selenium 25 ug chrome 2.5 mcg molybdenum 150 ug Bioactive (herbal) ingredients carotenoids 3 mg lutein 1 mg Bioflovonoide complex 10 mg lycopene 0.5 mg soy isoflavones 10 mg Ginkgo biloba 15 mg Siberian ginseng 15 mg Guarana extract 5 mg Omega-3 fatty acids 115 mg PABA 25 mg Wheatgrass 25 mg kelp herb 25 mg Bilberry extract 25 mg Rhodiola root extract 30 mg copper chlorophyll 5 mg Lecithin (Soya) 50 mg inositol 25 mg choline 25 mg * RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance - ** No reference set

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